About Us

Nutrisutras means Sutras for Nutrition.

Sutras are like principles or mantras; they change your life gradually over time reaping multi-fold, long-term benefits. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by pollutants and chemicals in varied forms, we are here to present a case of organic, healthy and safe living. It’s time we made informed and intelligent lifestyle choices; we are here to give you options to do the same. We want to give you a chance to indulge but in a natural and healthy way. We want you to fall in love with yourself and the world around you once again by adopting beautiful ways to live and let nature be. 

We welcome you to try our food items that are

Nutritious, Healthy and Tasty

Organic – Pesticide-free

Cruelty-free and in most cases Vegan


Our spa items that are

Nutritious for your skin


Minus harmful chemicals, Plus natural ingredients

Come, embrace a healthy you!

About eSutras

eSutras Organics is a Chicago-based wholesale supplier of organic culinary herbs, spices, oils and a manufacturer of Specialty Health Foods and Herbal Medicinal Teas.

At their downtown Chicago-based USDA certified organic and FDA inspected facility, they manufacture professionally in small batches, a carefully nurtured line of exquisite products. The offerings are unique and not like the products of most commercial food companies seen in chain grocery store aisles.

eSutras Organics manufactures gourmet healthy sweeteners (enriched agaves, jaggery and raw whole cane juice powder), delicious herbal medicinal teas and carries Cocoa Cravings hot chocolate beverages.

Exciting new ethnic flavors abound in their spices and spice blends that are fair trade, family farmed and minimally processed.

Our Team

An IT Engineer and Managing Partner at Spices Export House, he brings his passion for healthy and safe food to the market through Nutrisutras. 

He is an avid traveller; having ticked many world markets on his list for his export business, he now wants to offer world-class safe food and cosmetics to the Indian market. 

His interests span from Cosmos to Gaming; he likes learning new things all the time and has been lately trying his hand at the Chinese language.   

A Chartered Accountant by profession but creative at heart, she loves listening to Bollywood tunes amidst all the tax calculations that she tackles. Efficient at problem-solving and easy multi-tasking, she also draws strategic and practical growth plans for the company. 

Lending music to Nutrisutras, she manages the entire back-end and also works hard to ensure 100 % happy customers.
Creator and Founder of Esutras, she is a very warm person and a business partner for life. Not only a genius at making blends but also experienced in sourcing safe, healthy and beautiful ingredients from various parts of the world. Humble in her ways and works with many farmer groups for sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Making this world a better place is her sutra!